PowerShell File createdate

Working with files in SQL/SSIS can be way different experience than expectation. Here is quick way to get file createdate  (not the last modified date) from command prompt using powershell script. PS: This is not possible in original Linux system as createdate (or birthtime) not stored as per POSIX standard. But current ext4 or BTRFS does […]

SQL comic

Some comic strips for fun Starting with the epic on xkcd   The obivious pun   SQL or NoSQL   Predictive analysis, Is it real   A child’s curiosity   To be or not to be (SQL expert)   Everyday job   Do you think similar   This is what office boss looks like

TSQL command line execution (sqlcmd)

The Microsoft SQL Server offers pretty good command line capability which can be used in variety of cases. Recently when I was consulting a client, there was a requirement to move data between two servers. Obvious way was to use any ETL tool but they were not ready for it. Also client was not ready […]

Reverse a string w/o built-in TSQL function

This time it will be fairly simple task of reversing a string in SQL without using REVERSE() function Why we do it??? Because we can 🙂 First approach is traditional way  like below declare @str varchar(50) =’live’; select @str String declare @cnt int; declare @revstr varchar(50); set @cnt = len(ltrim(rtrim(@str))); while (@cnt>0) begin set @revstr=concat(@revstr,substring(@str,@cnt,1)) set @cnt=@cnt-1; end […]

Columnstore index – SQL Performance

Pain: Performance tuning SQL DBA’s email to SQL Developer “Your query is too slow and eating up server resources. Please tune it” Dream: Senior SQL DBA’s email to SQL Developer “Your query is too fast. Slow it down :P” Fix: Well there are thousands or should I say tens of thousands of ways to do performance tuning […]